Bamboo Flooring

bamboo flooring

Complete Guide on Bamboo Flooring

Why not choose something new and exotic for your flooring? For the clean look and easy care of hardwood with an Asian flare, opt for bamboo. This natural-looking flooring works perfectly to set off your furniture and décor.

Made Strong, Lasts Long

Bamboo is made from the plant, which is a type of grass, but during the manufacturing process, this type of flooring becomes very strong and long-lasting. In fact, with proper maintenance, bamboo flooring can last a lifetime. And, maintenance is so easy. Cleaning consists of occasional sweeping and mopping, using a cleaning product, such as Resista, that is recommended by the manufacturer.

Decorating Options

We have responded to the increasing popularity of bamboo by offering a large selection of colors from the lighter natural shade to darker tones. In addition, you have two choices of bamboo flooring. Each has a different look depending on how it is made.

First, there is the horizontal style with bamboo slats laid side by side, and then laminated. The vertical style has slats that are standing upright when laminated. This results in two different looks. Choose the one that you like best! Both makes of flooring have a protective finish of urethane and polyurethane that resist scrapes and scruff marks.

Going Green

With the huge emphasis on the environment these days, it seems everyone is compelled to go green, even if just a little. Bamboo offers flooring that is sustainable. The plants are grown especially for flooring, so no trees are cut down. In fact, when cut, the bamboo stalks remain in the ground to grow more shoots.

The Healthy Choice

Bamboo is not only green, it is clean. This flooring is hypoallergenic, unlike carpeting. There is no dust, bugs, organisms or moisture that is trapped in bamboo. With all these pluses, the beauty of bamboo is the right choice for flooring in your home.


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