Solida Cork

Solida Cork

Solida progressive natural floor coverings achieve a level of quality that goes beyond conventional floors by providing exceptional durability, comfort, flexible look and design, while ensuring an environmentally responsible product that contributes to an environment of wellness within your work and living space.

Compact NaturalCompact Natural

Corsica JavaCorsica Java

Corsica NaturalCorsica Natural

Corsica ProventialCorsica Provential

Corsica SavannahCorsica Savannah

Fino NaturalFino Natural

Lusitania NaturalLusitania Natural

Merida NaturalMerida Natural

Merida CashmereMerida Cashmere

Merida MirageMerida Mirage

Nazare Natures WayNazare Natures Way

Rio GranadillaRio Granadilla

Rio Ice PalaceRio Ice Palace

Rio MokaRio Moka 

Rio NutmegRio Nutmeg

Rustico NaturalRustico Natural

Tazan ProvintailTazan Provintail

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