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Protect Your Flooring Investment

No matter if it's hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, or tile, giving your floors some love is key to keeping them looking fabulous for years. And guess what? Navigating the warranty guidelines for proper cleaning is way easier than you might think! 

We take pride in offering unparalleled guarantees and warranties for hard surface flooring, covering various aspects such as scratches, scuffs, wear, finish, fading, water, and more. Delve into the warranty details to discover specific coverage for your chosen floor.

In our hard surface care brochure, our expert team provides valuable insights on all things floor care. Have questions? Reach out to your local store—they're your floor's new best friend. Plus, check out our online selection of a variety of hard surface brands.

The provided links are your secret weapon for choosing and maintaining your floors hassle-free. Each section is packed with tips on factors, materials, warranties, brands, FAQs, and maintenance, making it a breeze to find the perfect floor for your space.


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